Basement Flooring, Asheville, NC

We can install basement flooring to elevate your space.

The basement is often one of the least utilized spaces within a home, as it is frequently used for storage rather than a living area. However, remodeling can change that, allowing you to use the space to play games, rest, or enjoy other activities. If your basement could use some work before it’s ready for your enjoyment, we can help at 828 Builders, LLC.

Basement Flooring in Asheville, North Carolina

We offer basement remodeling services for homeowners in Asheville, North Carolina, and we are proud to bring a high level of expertise to the project. One specific area of basement remodeling we can address is basement flooring. A comfortable and aesthetically appealing floor can totally transform the look and feel of your basement, which offers a nice foundation for any other updates you decide to make to your space. We will discuss what you are looking for in basement flooring and get to work on installing it once you know what you want.

One thing to keep in mind when it comes to basement flooring is the level of moisture resistance. Sitting below the grade means basements are more prone to moisture than other rooms in homes, so it’s important to be very intentional about the basement flooring you choose to avoid any warping, buckling, or other issues caused by excess moisture.

With years of experience in remodeling, we can provide the basement flooring your space needs to be exactly right for your needs. Contact us today.